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WADIT® is a globally proven sheet piling interlock sealant that can be used with all types of hot rolled and cold formed sheet piling interlocks in every environment (tropical to arctic) possible and particularly in marine conditions.

If your sheet piling project involves cofferdams, dewatering, cutoff walls for site remediation, or any application where water leakage through the wall presents a problem, WADIT® is the solution.

Tests have demonstrated that leakage through sheet pile walls is reduced up to 95% when interlock sealants are used; and sealed joint sheet pile cutoff walls are anywhere from 100 to 10,000 times more effective as groundwater flow barriers (sealed walls typically exhibit hydraulic conductivity in the 10-7 to 10-10 cm/sec range) than unsealed interlock walls.

WADIT® is the smart choice sealant from a cost, safety and convenience standpoint.



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Most common WADIT® applications include:


1. WADIT® is tested and certified to keep water out and withstand 5 bars of pressure

WADIT® has been tested to withstand 5 bars (~70 psi) of differential water pressure. This means it will remain in place and functional with even a 160' head of water pressure against it.

2. Optimal flexibility

Conventional materials become as hard as glass in temperatures of just 50°F. WADIT®, on the other hand, remains extremely flexible even in ground water (normally 41°F to 45°F throughout the year). This means that no sealant can break out of the interlock when the sheet pile walls are inserted, thus resulting in leaks.

3. Environmental: No harmful effects to the environment

WADIT® is non-toxic and is made from sustainable natural raw materials. WADIT® sealant can be used without any restrictions in sheet pile wall interlocks in ground and surface water areas ... no fear of harmful effects if it is used in the area of drinking water extraction systems" (quote from the German equivalent of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)).

4. Once installed it is impervious to weather

Once WADIT® is in the interlock, it doesn't matter if it rains or snows: the performance of WADIT® will not be affected by weather. WADIT® can be transported and stored without restrictions. Furthermore, you can drive the piling as soon as 15 minutes after installing; or, let it sit in your yard or at the job site for months before driving.

5. Unique durable bond

WADIT® creates a secure bond even in extreme conditions, such as: strong water, ice or earth pressure, movements of the sheet pile wall, or displacement of the piles during transport, etc., in the interlock chamber. Even in daytime temperatures of 120°F, the material will remain stable in the interlock.

6. WADIT® can be delivered already installed in the sheet piling interlocks

The mill or distributor where you buy your sheet piling can also deliver the sheet piling with WADIT® already installed. This may not be available with all types of sheet piling in all areas. (Please call PilePro® at 866-666-7453 / 512-243-1228 to find an authorized WADIT® installer in your area and/or to receive a quote for PilePro® to carry out the WADIT® installation).

7. Memory effect = material rebound after movement

This unique effect of WADIT®, even in low temperatures such as that in ground water, guarantees an excellent seal even in the event of torsion and other movement in the sheet pile wall interlock.