Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use WADIT?

WADIT sealant is impermeable, when applied correctly by a professionally trained crew. Once installed the contractor will having nothing to worry about and be able to install the sheet pile normally without restrictions or special concerns regardless of the driving method or environment.

WADIT© is the only sealant on earth that is made solely for sheet piling and all of the behavioral requirements that sheet piling has.

How do you know you are really getting WADIT ?

If you receive a WTR (Wadit Test Report) which shows all the particulars of the exact material and installation details.

Which includes receiving a WADIT certificate at the completion of your job proving that its truly a WADIT certified job to include the material and installation process.

Why does WADIT work well in sheet piling?

WADIT is flexible and thus offers unique elasticity. Other swell type sealants material become rigid and fracture which may cause leaks. WADIT tolerates torsion and movements in the sheet pile interlock maintaining an absolute seal.

Is WADIT impermeable?

WADIT sealant is impermeable. If a professional trained crew using the correct procedures, including sheet pile penetration, applies it correctly into a sheet pile, then the joint will have no permeability. Laboratory tests have substantiated the impermeability of WADIT when correctly applied to a sheet pile.

How far under water can you install WADIT?

WADIT underwent extreme tests and was subjected to a maximum water pressure of 5 bar (= 500 kPa, or more than 130 feet of water pressure depth) which represents almost twice the safety margin over maximum water pressure levels measured in the past. In the opinion of those involved in the tests, WADIT would in fact have withstood an even higher water pressure.

Does WADIT help corrosion?

Yes. The inside of an interlock is what you see on a coated sheet pile wall that rusts quicker when you don't use WADIT.

Can you drive WADIT immediately, soon after installation?

Yes. By the time it takes to pick up the sheet pile with the crane to put it into the ground, WADIT is ready.

How long can you store steel sheet pile with installed WADIT?

Indefinitely. There are no restrictions.

Can you install WADIT in cold formed interlocks?

WADIT can be used/installed with any and all sheet pile types, hot or cold rolled, paired or unpaired, that are currently on the market today.

Can we test WADIT against our contaminated soil conditions, just to be sure there are no concerns?

Yes, this can be arranged for a fee that is applied against your eventual order, which we did, for example, on a study on Creosote.

Can you install WADIT in frozen conditions?

Yes. WADIT© remains flexible in temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can you install WADIT in high heat or the desert?

Yes. WADIT does not become viscous until temperatures over 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can WADIT be installed in already paired Z sheet pile?


Can you install WADIT in coated steel sheet pile?


Have you ever seen a job condition or application or steel sheet pile that you cannot use WADIT in?


Can WADIT be used in potable water applications?


How do we book a WADIT installation?

Call toll free: 866-666-PILE (7453) or +1.512.243.1228 or email info@wadit.com. Be sure to include your phone number, and we will call you.