Making Sheet Pile Watertight and installation EZ.

Once WADIT is installed in the interlock you are ready to drive, one minute or one year later.


Most common WADIT® applications include:

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  • Permanent and temporary sheet and pipe pile wall constructions for ports, islands, cofferdams, etc.
  • Building trenches in soil with a high ground water level
  • Casting the sheet pile wall interlock to prevent the ingress of soil components and the seizing of the piles during the driving process that this involves
  • Sheet pile wall constructions in soil types with ground water and a low content of fine particles (gravel-type soil) and with unsuitable particle size distribution
  • Reduction of interlock friction
  • Encapsulation of contaminated soil areas
  • Dam renovation work
  • Sealing river banks
  • Delimitation of underground water masses in water protection areas
  • Sealing work on concrete and steel parts